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The reason for the correction in blood pressure is that after the stomach is reduced in size the patients lose a large amount of weight. It's called the silent killer for a reasonwhat you need to know about high blood pressure during pregnancy. 04/16/2007 Question: Lysinopril, diovan(spelling), norvasc, and avapro and each causes me to have very sore legs, mostly in the morning. Can I get a blood pressure monitor on the NHS? Blood pressure monitors are not available on the NHS. My blood pressure seems to get elevated whenever I visit the doctor, which I know is very common. Practice Yoga for Well Being, Fitness or Therapy. I had high blood pressure and low platelets while giving labor.. Hypertension has been called the "Silent Killer" because many times the person with hypertension shows no symptoms. Understanding your blood pressure readings and making sure they are accurate are first steps toward getting control Blood pressure (mm Hg). Includes: any condition in N18.- due to hypertension. This condition affects one out of every three Americans in their lifetimes. Ham, moreover, unlike the meat is well suited for meals intermission Recommended for those suffering from low blood pressure. Hypertension can be lower blood pressure by managing stress. Nurses and doctors don't always ask you to take